Harvest Schedule

Apple Blossoms at Bolton Orchards

View our variety of Apples, Peaches and Plums to find their harvest schedule and best uses. Learn about our distinctive apple cider.


Variety Harvest Best Uses Variety Harvest Best User
Cortland September Eating / Sauce / Pies / Salad / Baking Jonagold September Eating / Sauce / Baking / Pies / Salads
Delicious, Red October Eating / Salad Liberty September Eating
Delicious, Golden October Eating / Sauce / Salad Macoun October Eating / Sauce / Salad
Empire October Eating McIntosh September Eating / Sauce /
Empriss August Eating Mutsu October Eating
Granny Smith October Eating Paula Red August Eating
      Red Free August Eating

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Variety Harvest Best Uses
Candor July Eating
Garnett August Eating / Freezing / Jams & Jellies
Early White August Eating
Red Haven August Eating / Freezing / Canning / Jams & Jellies
Glow Haven August Eating / Freezing / Canning / Jams & Jellies
Hale Haven August Canning
Madison September Eating / Freezing / Canning / Jams & Jellies
Crest Haven September Eating
J.H. Hale September Canning
Yellow Peaches August Eating / Freezing / Canning / Jams & Jellies


Variety Harvest Best Uses
Shiro August Eating
Red Heart August Eating
Italian September Eating

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Filling apple cider bottlesOur apple cider blends are truly distinctive. The variety of apples within our own orchard enables us to press rich and flavorful ciders.  Unlike most mills, we cold-filter our cider in a high-pressure filter, yielding an end product that is virtually free of sediment. Our light-treatment process ensures that our cider is as safe, if not safer, than any pasteurized product on the market. This process leaves the flavor intact, unlike the "cooked" or "bitter" flavor which often results from pasteurization.

Our cider is pressed frequently and available year-round. From Mid October to late December, we also press a light, sweet, yellow cider called Golden Russet. Availability is limited by the delicate varieties of apples that are used when making this unique cider.

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